Archive of BAP's Twitter


DECEMBER 6, 2022: BAP is unbanned! @bronzeagemantis

This is an archive of BAP's Twitter tweets, retweets, and replies. It also contains images.

Please read the following. It is very important!

This archive contains all information from March 2017 (his first tweet) up until July 23, 2021, or so.

If you click on a tweet, it will send you to Twitter! You can click on images to enlarge them.

There is a link to a search engine for BAP's tweets at the bottom.

Also this was archived from a minimalist version of Twitter called Nitter, so the style looks different.

The page numbers are ordered 1 through 838. Change the URL, and you will get that page.

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For those interested where to find BAP now, check out his Telegram.

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