The Mission to Annihilate Bill Gates in the Astral Realm


Me and Sigma have decided to partake in a Holy Mission against the Antichrist himself — Bill Gates. We are attempting to annihilate him within the dream realm. This article will be updated every day until a significant advancement in our goal is made. Note that Sigma has been taking glycine for a while, and I have been taking it since day 11. For those unaware, glycine can make your dreams much more vivid.

We are stopping the project at day 50. We will update it if a breakthrough has occurred.

We no longer focus on annihilating Bill Gates every time we go to sleep, therefore we cannot keep this up. But perhaps some day we may resume it.

Heil Chadnet.

Day 65 (September 20)

Me: I saw him. He was right in front of me. I told him: we are watching; we are judging. He was there for just a few moments. But he walked out of that house and walked down that alley and I didn't follow. I saw him.

Day 50 (September 5)

Me: As I woke up, I saw ancient Greek letters. At the end of the word I saw the letter sigma.

Sigma: I had a very long ongoing dream. I believe the scene dramatically changed quite a few times. I don't remember any details.

Day 49 (September 4)

Me: I had a few dreams. Two were of zombie apocalypses, but it seems like the zombies were women or something? I am not sure.

Sigma: My dreams were weird as per the usual my new glycine intake. I had the same three dreams all night over and over. I could choose what dream I was going to relive next. One dream I remember I was part of a crew on a 70 ft sailboat. I can't remember the details anymore. I believe one was a typo of post-apocalypse scenario. Something happened while we were out sailing and things became wild and ungovernable. I think we sailed too far west in the wrong part of the Caribbean. We shot up some pirates attempting some shit. We were worried we couldn't get away from there fast enough in case their friends decided to come after us.

Day 48 (September 3)

Me: I can't recall any dreams, but I'm pretty sure I had some.

Sigma: I didn't sleep well last night at all. I don't recall any dreams.

Day 47 (September 2)

Me: I had dreams, but I can't remember them.

Sigma: I had dreams but recall very little. All I know is that they were bizarre dreams.

Day 46 (September 1)

Me: I had many wacky dreams. In the first one I was in a party. Then I dreamt that I met a dude online, and I was trying to find him again. I got banned from the server for my racist username. So I had to get frens to find him. The guy's (who I was looking for) name was Ri... S... something. When my frens finally found him (IRL) somehow. It cut to a scene where we were in a car taking him back home, and for some reason he was ghey, and we acted like nothing had ever happened.

Sigma: I had the recommended amount of glycine again and holy shit my dreams were bizarre, amazingly detailed in scenery and the conversations didn't make the slightest bit of sense. In one point in the dream, aliens came up from beneath the Earth. Just walked up casually. Then right in the middle of that I turned and saw fire shaped in a half-crescent moon falling to earth. There were many other things that happened that I can't remember.

Day 45 (August 31)

Me: I cannot remember any dreams I had, but I think I had some.

Sigma: I cannot remember any dreams, but I know I had at least 4.

Day 44 (August 30)

Me: I took two or three grams of glycine and had lots of dreams. I can only remember one though, in which I was at a party.

Sigma: I took the suggested amount of glycine last night before bed and had one livid dream. At least I think it was only one dream. My dream was in the spirit of Mike Ma's Harassment Architecture. It was the main character type of perspective. Me and a few others got a job at a retail company in a big city and it was our job to set it on fire. Burning down this particular location was very important for some reason. It took us a while to figure out how to successfully burn it down. We finally found a way, then started to do it. We only burned half of it down. We were thwarted by a small group of people. I was standing outside with the team and we realized we had failed. That's when I woke up.

Day 43 (August 29)

Me: I had dreams, but I can't remember them.

Sigma: I don't think I had any dreams. I didn't sleep actually.

Day 42 (August 28)

Me: I had dreams, but I can't recall them.

Sigma: I can't recall any dreams.

Day 41 (August 27)

Me: I had some dreams. One of them was something about a mission. I was in a forest and in my backyard. It wasn't about Bill Gates though.

Sigma: I had several dreams. Only remember a small part of one of the dreams. I was in a rundown bar. The place wasn't a bar anymore though. Behind the bar was a Nord and an Anglo, both with huge muscles. This is all I remember.

Day 40 (August 26)

Me: I had a dream of the future or something. I cannot remember more.

Sigma: I had a dream of Brazil again. I really, really want to be there within three years time. I can't remember any details though.

Day 39 (August 25)

Me: I had a dream about the Chadnet wiki, where a guy said I should open up editing to the public, which I promptly rejected.

Sigma: I dreamt I was trying to move to Brazil. I don't remember any details. Probably dreamt this, because I'm seriously considering this. I had others, but I can't remember them. I know there was one I wanted to remember, but I can't recall it now.

Day 38 (August 24)

Me: I had dreams, but I can't really remember them. In the last one I was coughing heavily. I woke up having a weird pain feeling in my throat. It went away, though.

Sigma: I had dreams of work. Lol I was just sitting there bored. This is all I remember. Odd dreams.

Day 37 (August 23)

Me: I had several dreams. In one there was a large comet in the sky, and for some reason (light refraction or something) the moon appeared many many times in the sky. In different phases too. I have seen something similar to this before, but it was like the entire universe was visible (this was a dream a long time ago, I think). Also it started to rain, so it was beginning to become hard to see this. And a cloud was descending near very for some reason. And thanks to dream logic, I was able to grab the cloud and put it over me like an umbrella. The material felt like a helium balloon.

Sigma: It was one of those nights where I don't even remember if I dreamt or not. But I definitely did sleep.

Day 36 (August 22)

Me: I had a dream where I was in a train. There was a fren too. There were two grills in front of me. They were looking at me and giggling. When I wanted to respond, the dream ended.

Sigma: I had a bizarre dream last night. It was a world of perceptions and deceptions, of normies and players. There are no hierarchies in this world. You either succeed or you fail. In this world if you were to do a charitable act for A, you would have to convince everybody you were really doing a charitable act for B. If you did something that helped your people out you had to convince everyone that you either helped out a completely different group of people or that you hurt your people, or both instead. I completed a few of these tasks myself, though I can't remember the details of the tasks. In the dream they seemed complicated like a chess game.

Day 35 (August 21)

Me: I had a weird dream where I flew to burgerland (America). Me and frens were there. One fren started joking about lgbt, and I told him not to because there were people around in the motel and it was taboo. Anyways, for some reason everything outside was basically desert to the right and a sort of city-esque forest to the left. So for some reason I escape into the forest to New Hampshire. Don't ask why. So yeah I escaped there, and I also had the ability to reverse time or something back to the starting point of the day, the motel, which I used to escape. Anyways, I found some family there, who for some dream logic knew me. There was also a fren there, but for some reason he was black. Me and him were walking through a hood area, cuz we had to get some groceries. And he started blasting hood music. Also he had the part of his jeans, where his butt was, cut out. So he was bare-assed, walking down the street. He was shaking his nude butt and blasting hood music. This seemed to make us friendly with fellow hood negroes, who had done the same. We arrived home, and I assume his returned to normal. He told me he he had a genius business idea and was going to set up up a cheese store at the exact place near the supermarket and near the hood for super business reasons. I told him he should just sell fried chicken. Anyways, I went into the bedroom, where all the family was. And the dad started massaging my feet with mustar and the mother called out for him to come to her for a second. And he said, I'm massaging Peter (can't remember exactly what name he said), then he interrupted and said my real name's feet. Which I find to be a very odd in a dream. Then the mother came to me and asked, "Are your people / are you guys / are you picketing?" I was like huh? Then I understood what she meant; she was talking about cuckvid-1984. I said yeah. She said it's not good and there are still risks for virus and whatever. I just stayed silent or said no. Then she asked about Trump. And I said I'd be honoured to meet him. Then she for some reason said, "Oh I remember when I was as young as you." Then the dream ended. I haven't heard the word "picketing" in ages. The guy forgot my name for a second. I am not sure how the hell this is possible in a dream. How the hell did I go to New Hampshire? How did I even remember that name. The woman who asked me about the picketing was very odd. I am not sure what I experienced, but I find this dream to be extremely peculiar.

Sigma: I got drunk last night, and my dreams were all over the place. None of it made sense. I don't know if I could narrate the dream(s).

Day 34 (August 20)

Me: I had a weird dream which was somehow related to the ancient Romans, and for some reason I was laughing at the holobunga.

Sigma: The last dream I remember I was in Germany, and I had to get to Greece for some reason. Only it wasn't Greece anymore. Anyways, Americans were illegal in the EU. I would have been executed if I was caught and frens were smuggling me to where I needed to go.

Day 33 (August 19)

Me: I cannot remember any dreams, because I got woken up.

Sigma: I slept for two hours. If I had dreams I can't remember them.

Day 32 (August 18)

Me: I can't remember any dreams, because I got woken up multiple times. But I am sure I had some.

Sigma: Had half of my usual dose of glycine. I got no sleep. I just laid in bed until the alarm went off.

Day 31 (August 17)

Me: I had a dream related to skewl.

Sigma: I had a very vivid cream that I had decided to live in a longhouse commune. People warned me that it was horrible, but I wasn't concerned. When I got there, it was controlled by a matriarch. This nasty fat woman who tried to have me jumped for not being home at a certain time. I broke the guy's arm who jumped me. Then the matriarch cunt started scolding me. I didn't like this so I started calling her fat and dumb, then she started to cry and get very depressed. The others in the longhouse saw this and started verbally attacking her as well. Then I woke up.

Day 30 (August 16)

Me: I took two teaspoons of glycine. I can't remember any dreams, but I feel like I had a sort of lucid dream.

Sigma: I don't even remember my dreams again, even though I slept really well.

Day 29 (August 15)

Me: I cannot recall any dreams, but I think I had some.

Sigma: I cannot recall any dreams, but I slept well.

Day 28 (August 14)

Me: I had multiple dreams, but I mostly forgot them, because I went back to sleep each time I woke up. In one of the dreams, I and a fren were in a house. We had brought a man from past times to the future. (We saw him in a field prior.) We showed him the mobile phone. He was just watching. I tried to give him classical music too. But it didn't show correct results. There was a sheboon directing an orchestra, so it was not OK. Her face looked similar to that lori lightfoot thing. I had lots of other interesting dreams. I am sure of it.

Sigma: I am pretty sure I forgot to take glycine last night. I had my typical insomnia last night; I kept waking up. I remember the last dream I had, which was me just standing in the locker room at work. Probably because I was just waiting for my alarm to go off to tell me I have to go to work.


We have been slacking on our goal, therefore we have been forgetting our dreams. Currently preoccupied with the wiki.

We will try and regain focus in coming days. We are coming for you, Bill.

Day 27 (August 13)

Me: I had dreams, but I can't recall them well. There were several dreams. One was a zombie apocalypse dream.

Sigma: I also had dreams that I can't remember.

Day 26 (August 12)

Me: I had a dream but can't remember it.

Sigma: I had a dream but can't remember it.

Day 25 (August 11)

Me: I cannot remember any dreams I had, but I am sure that I had at least one.

Sigma: I woke up late, and I think I forgot to take glycine last night, because I didn't sleep well. I know I had a vivid dream, but I don't remember it.

Day 24 (August 10)

Me: I had three dreams. The first one I cannot remember what exactly was happening in it, but it was very interesting. I was infiltrating something. There were also lots of anomalies from something like "SCP". In the second dream there was a woman and all I will say is that she was very GAY. The last dream was me just escaping from something.

Sigma: I dreamt that I was in a video game called Overwatch. I was at the first spawn point, and me and three other guys were spending the night there. Three guys sat down at a table and I sat down behind a bench, and I just chilled there for a bit. Then I went to the bar and got ice cream. Suddenly, eating ice cream was stupid. I don't know why. It just was. When I put the ice cream down, the whole room became filled with junk. Then I woke up.

Day 23 (August 9)

Me: I had some sort of dream, where I was in a great battle, and we were robots against... I cannot remember what exactly, but we were later beaten. To avoid capture we committed sudoku.

Sigma: I have zero recollection of any kind of dreams last night. I don't even know if I had any. I listened to some Gregorian chants before going to bed.

Day 22 (August 8)

Me: I had a dream where I was in the future again. I think there was some sort of an apocalypse. I was at the train station. An oncoming train was swerving into me and all the other people standing on the platform, so I ran away, then cars were trying to hit me, I think. So I ran and ran. Then the dream ended.

Sigma: I didn't do binaural beats last night, because I was too tired to put in the effort. Had my usual dose of glycine and tossed and turned until about 5 AM. I dreamed again I had to do spy stuff. This time I had to figure out how to get certain information before enemy troops mobilized. I remember I found a way to get it, but there was a time risk. I might not be able to get the information in time.

Day 21 (August 7)

Me: I had some dreams, but I cannot remember them.

Sigma: I had a very instructive dream, but I can't remember any details. This seems to happen a lot when contemplating the annihilation of Bill Gates. I also listen to about 45 minutes of binaural beats for lucid dreams before going to bed. That seemed to help me sleep.

Our observations thus far

In the beginning, our dreams were very similar. You can see that our dreams often had extremely similar themes. Far more similar than one might naturally expect. This is not a coincidence. Our dreams have had too similar of a theme sometimes, which can't be attributed to just thinking about the same thing. I believe there may be some sort of paranormal or paranatural connection. Even a day after I had a dream of something, Sigma would have a dream about something related to that as well. Or vice versa.

But in recent times, we haven't been focusing on Bill Gates that much in our dreams, so I assume that this is the reason they haven't been all that similar lately. However, we plan on doubling down on our goal and resuming our focus on annihilating the Antichrist.

We believe that the lucid dreams we've had thus far have all been fake lucid dreams, which is possible.

We've never seen Bill Gates in a dream, but we have had dreams of similar themes. For example, I've had dreams of assassinating high profile targets, and Sigma has had dreams of being a spy and being on a secret mission.

We've also had a lot of fighting dreams.

For Sigma, his observations of the effects of glycine are that:

For me, my observations of the effects of glycine are that:

Sigma is planning on experimenting with binaural beats in the near future.

One of our current hypotheses is that there is a sort of spiritual connection of some sort of mental field that connects people together.

Day 20 (August 6)

Me: I went to sleep very late again and didn't take any glycine. I had a weird dream where I was on top of a skyscraper in a future time. Everything around was desert and most of the buildings had collapsed. I felt that it was a zombi apocalypse. There was something else going on on a different roof. Maybe a football match. Don't ask. Dream logic. I was there with my fren, and I Was convincing my fren that it was a dream. I am not sure if I was lucid, though. I told him his city's name and my city's name. And then I told him to jump off, because it's a dream. I jumped off myself and had the feeling of flying, but I woke up shortly after.

Sigma: I slept really well, but I don't remember anything I dreamed of. Upon trying really hard to remember, I think it involved a good-looking bodybuilder. He had some task that only makes sense in the dream world. Unfortunately, this is all I have for my dreams last night.

Day 19 (August 5)

Me: I went to sleep very late again and didn't take any glcine. I had a weird dream, where I was this man who could only remember two things at a time. And it seemed to be the 1950's. I was going out with this womon I liked. At the same time I was writing a book about all of this from the third perspective. Very odd and hard to explain.

Sigma: I had a dream that I was travelling with knight templars. It was very boring. We were just riding slowly on horseback. If there was more to the dream, I have completely forgotten it.

Day 18 (August 4)

Me: I went to sleep very late again and didn't take any glycine. I had a zambi apocalypse dream again. Me and my family saw some information on the internet that the apocalypse was coming, so we started gathering everything into the car to move to some remote area. Then I read something on the interwebz that it as all actually bullshit and that the people acting like zombies or saying there was an apocalypse were paid actors or something. I also looked through my neighbours' window and saw them just watching normal TV, not being scared. They weren't worried. So we stopped worrying too and moved everything back into the house.

Sigma: I had trouble sleeping last night. If I had dreams, I can't remember them.

Day 17 (August 3)

Me: I went to sleep very late and didn't take any glycine. I had a couple dreams, but I forgot them.

Sigma: I took two teaspoons of glycine again. Vivid dreams this time. In the first dream me and 4 or so other people were hiking in the desert, trying to get to a part that few people make it to, because it's too difficult to get there. We got there. I wish I could take a picture of what I saw there; there was so much detail. The very last part of the hike started when the ground slopes up steeply. There were some parts in the rock formation that made it possible to crawl up at two different parts of the slope. The rock face was a light brown with large patches of moss scattered all around. There was some debate on whether it was a good idea to crawl up the rock face where these formations were or to circle the mountain for a path to the top. We chose to crawl. The sky was clear. Once we crawled all the way to the top of the tall mountain, we saw this wide enclosed gorge that turned slightly to the right from where we stood. The ground was tan colour dirt and rock and there were a total of three small bodies of water in the middle of the gorge. The body of water closest to us was the longest. It was deep and narrow with very clear water. You can see the tan colour rocks and dirt which turned to a dark brown at the very bottom. The third body of water was much smaller and rested at the far end of the first body of water I described. There was a fair bit of dry land between these two bodies of water. It had the colour scheme as the first one. The third body of water was off the right after the bend in the gorge. In this body of water the water was clear like the other two. It was as long as the first two combined and much wider. However, at the bottom of this one was all dark brown, which gave it a dirty look from a distance. I don't recall how we got down there but we did. The other three went to look at the bodies of water while I was looking at all the things people had left there. There were some old coins with a lion on one side and a man in knight's armour on the other and some faceless medallions on little chains. Then we decided to leave. We somehow got to our cars quite fast and we left. That's just the fire dream. The second dream was weird as fuck. Dream two. I was in a grassy field with polar bears. Yes, polar bears. one polar bear growled at me viciously, then ran at me really fast, but all he did was lay down on top of me. I was pinned, which felt like hours before someone helped. When I finally got out, I was in shock from the trauma of the bear's weight. And that was it. This was also very vivid.

Day 16 (August 2)

Me: I took two very full teaspoons of glycine, so basically around two and a half. I had a couple dreams but could only remember the last. It was another skewl dream. I had accidentally left some skewl books on a street then gone home. So then I had to go back and get them. I was riding a bicycle. I almost got to the place, but I forgot about it and returned home. Then I boarded a bus with bicycle. There were old skewl frens in bus. I thanked the bus driver and went outside, where it was dark. Very late. There was some lady asking tourists / foreigners for their papers. Didn't ask me, because she realised I was a native. I almost reached the books again but then forgot about them again. I went home, then I woke up.

Sigma: I remember two dreams from last night, but I think I had maybe one or two more. The first one I remember little. There was this puzzle I had to figure out. It had me running all over some city. I remember thinking that in the process of solving the puzzle, I would find other information I really wanted. Solving the actual puzzle wasn't important for me. The last dream I had was with a group of people in some small community shelter place (I don't remember the scenery). There was an undercover fed in our group. There was at least one assigned to every group. In the dream I kept trolling the fed.

Day 15 (August 1)

Me: Didn't take glycine today. I slept well and had a dream at the end, where I participated in some sort of team fighting game in my backyard.

Sigma: I took 3 teaspoons of glycine. I had a bunch of very random dreams. Nothing vivid. I think I had one lucid dream, but I can't be sure. I woke up as soon as I thought I was in one. I don't remember the dream other than it was one random scene after the other, none of it making any sense.

Day 14 (July 31)

Me: I took 2 teaspoons of glycine and had a couple dreams. They were both related to skewl for some reason. Either way, in the first dream me and my fren were forced into a fight club sort of situation, but since we were both frens, we didn't fight each other, and then we were forced to take a test, but as compared to the good old times, now we had to use technology, like phones, and my phone's adblocker blocked the test lol. The second dream I had was me playing some sort of gaym on my phone also in skewl.

Sigma: I had a lucid dream last night that was moderately vivid. I took 3 teaspoons of glycine, and I had gotten a total of 5 hours of sleep the 2 days before. I woke up. Well, the dream woke me up. I remembered it all then, but I went back to sleep for a few more hours, and now I've forgotten nearly everything, except one image of a person I had talked to in the dream.

Day 13 (July 30)

Me: I added 2 teaspoons of glycine to my tea (roughly 10 grams), but after drinking a bit I felt somewhat sick, so in the end I only drank about 1.5 teaspoons worth (roughly 7.5 grams). My dreams have become very odd, but I don't think they've become more vivid. Anyways, I had a few dreams. The first dream I can remember was me walking through a forest and other places like a field and the countryside. Then I sat down next to a rock at a river. From the rock emerged a giant beast made of rock. I recall later seeing a large beast made of wood. These beasts were looked human-like. I had the feeling that I should record that in a sort of encyclopedia. Then the other dream I remember started out with me on a train. Someone on the train wanted to kill me, so I went to the door, but it would not budge. However, it suddenly opened, and I flew out, landing safely next to the train tracks. I had somehow appeared in a future version of my country, though it looked basically the same. I heard our national anthem and saw a school, but everything was in a different dialect. I was asking a woman for directions to some place, but she could not understand me well and found my speaking funny. That's all I can remember.

Sigma: I slept maybe a total of 4 hours at most last night. The only dream I remember was being a part of some kind of debate on the morality of killing someone in the astral realm.. Somehow the debate, as dream debates go, turned to whether or not I could morally commit suicide in the astral realm. I woke up shortly after the topic of suicide came up. Throughout the entire dream I felt like I was a part of this fantasy book, where the entire theme was the church trying to decide whether elves have souls. Which if they didn't, then it wouldn't count as murder or a sin to kill one.

Day 12 (July 29)

Me: I took 1 teaspoon of glycine (roughly 5 grams). I am not sure if my dreams were more vivid, but they were very odd. I cannot remember them very well though.

Sigma: I definitely had some dreams, but I didn't sleep well. The last dream is the only one I remember. Someone was giving me a lecture on how to think, and in the dream I seemed to be taking him very seriously. The man was old and wise-looking. That's all I remember.

Day 11 (July 28)

Me: I took 1/3rd a teaspoon of glycine, which is roughly 2 grams. I went to sleep 2 hours early and couldn't fall asleep for those next 2 hours... I had a bit worse sleep than usual, and I had a couple dreams, but I can't remember then. Tonight I will take a whole teaspoon, which is roughly 5 grams.

Sigma: I slept well in a hammock all night. I know I had many dreams, but after waking up I couldn't remember a single one. Sleeping outside in a hammcok is a based experience.

Day 10 (July 27)

Me: I had quite a few dreams. I had one that I remembered in the morning, but I continued sleeping and forgot it. The last dream I remember was where I and a lot of frog frens from twatter were hanging out at my place, but for some reason we were all young teenagers. The only frog fren I could recognize was BAP. Note: I have received my glycine package and will be taking it tonight.

Sigma: I had many dreams again. I was at some social gathering at some guy's mansion, and it ended with him throwing us all out, because someone messed up his pool. In a later dream, I was at a mansion, but this time it was a party, and only me and my brother got thrown out for starting a football game in one of the hallways. The very last dream I had was me being with three guys by a campfire. We had military gear, and we had a mission to kill a high profile target.

Day 9 (July 26)

Me: I had a few dreams. I remember one where I had to cycle on a bicycle from a train station to bring something for my mom, then I somehow ended up in a school of sorts? I am not sure exactly what it was. But the people around started turning into zaambies. And for some reason I pulled out my phone and somehow started browsing twatter tweets from 2010, which mentioned Minesweeper and Pepe? I am not sure about the pepe part. It's a weird thing, but I seemed to be aware that it would stabilize the dream and remove le zombies. It was not a lucid dream, though.

Sigma: I had very, very weird dreams last night. I don't know if I can properly describe them. No images. Just a blank void. However, somehow, all kinds of things were happening at the same time. I forgot to take my glycine, so I was aware that I was sleeping. I could control it somewhat, according to the bizarre rules of the astral realm, but like I said it was nothing but a blank void.

Day 8 (July 25)

Me: I had a few dreams tonight. I achieved partial lucidity in a zombie apocalypse dream, but I believe this to be a fake lucid dream! I have read that this is possible. Very odd. I had some other long dreams too with some womonz I think, but I do not recall those very well.

Sigma: I had many dreams last night, but I only remember two. The first one I remember was an Ocean's 11 type of gang I was in, but it was far more serious. I don't recall if we actually did anything. The second one was another arena dream. I didn't actually fight. I was in a gladiator arena like in Rome with iron swords and armor.

Day 7 (July 24)

Me: I had a dream where I was the Führer, and I was executing traitors and severely obese people. In another dream I was flying around and assassinating high-profile targets, like a prime minister. Still not Bill Gates though, but this is starting to get interesting. Also no lucid dreams.

Sigma: I don't think I had any dreams again. At least none that I remember.

Day 6 (July 23)

Me: I can't recall any dreams, but I feel like I was close to having a lucid dream.

Sigma: I slept like a baby but can't remember any dreams.

Day 5 (July 22)

Me: No dreams today.

Sigma: No lucid dreams. One similar dream to the arena dream mentioned yesterday.

Day 4 (July 21)

Me: Still no luck with lucid dreaming. I only remember one dream. The first thing I remember in it was stepping off a train, thanking the train conductor. I was not wearing a face mask while on this train. When I stepped off I was carrying a store-bought jug of milk. It somewhat felt like drinking the milk would give me good dreams, though this was unrelated to everything else in the dream. Perhaps it was just a small reflection of my attempts to annihilate Bill Gates. Anyways, after stepping off I met up with my frens, and we had to parkour over some broken bridge. Then for some reason all of us got thrown into some sort of arena game thing, where we all had to battle until the very end, but when it was just me and my one fren left, we rebelled against the arena organizers and destroyed everything. Note: I am currently waiting for a package of glycine to arrive.

Sigma: I came down with sickness pretty hard last night. I could barely sleep. When I did dream, I saw images of Saint statues praying, but I woke up as soon as the dream started. I tried telling myself over and over again that I was going to annihilate the Antichrist (Bill Gates) in the astral realm, in hopes I would see him there, but my sickness kept me awake. The first Saint statue I saw was the frontside of a female. The second was the backside of a male. I remember wanting to very badly know who they were. That was very important to me for some reason.

Day 3 (July 20)

Me: Today I had a lot of dreams. In the first one I was soaring high above like an eagle or something similar looking for something. In the second dream I was escaping from a prison-like thing, and then I had a lot of other dreams that I can't recall very well, but they were still not of Bill Gates, and I still wasn't able to achieve a lucid dreaming state.

Sigma: I took 9x the recommended dose of glycine before going to bed. I had many dreams. I ended up escaping from a prison. I was in there for life just because some guy didn't like me. I was a spy that was most likely going to get caught doing my mission. The success of a military strike depended on it. Then I had a nice long talk with a faceless someone about the finer point of lies and deceptions. Still no lucid dreams though. I plan to experiment with binaural beats.

Day 2 (July 19)

Me: I was not able to get into a lucid dreaming state, but I did get a zombie apocalypse dream, which for some reason is common for me.

Sigma: I feel like I came close once or twice to being able to achieve lucid dreaming, but instead I woke up. The last dream I remember was me being in a monastery talking to a priest, and I was looking for someone or something.

Day 1 (July 18)

Me: I did not have any dreams this day, nor was I able to enter a lucid dreaming state.

Sigma: I wasn't able to get much sleep this night, and I didn't have any dreams.